Music with Mr McCullum

My learning goal is to learn to write a rap
What have i learnt to make a rap
My next step is to know more about raps

Keeping ourselves safe

I am learning to make safe decisions.
I am learning this because i need to keep safe.
An example of a safe decision is if someone says to hop in there car say no they might try trick you.

maths statistical investigation

What I am learning to complete a statistical investigation

So what I have learned that the steps in  the statistical investigation  inquiry model are to first create a question and then move to asking it and then checking the data.

 Now what something i have learnt from gathering  my data is how to complete a statistical investigation. I learnt that most people like crab tag.

Year 4 sleepover

WALT: to stay the night at school

I learned to get to sleep at the sleepover

I achieved my goal because i learned how to play foxes and hounds

Next time I will work harder in the  games


WALT: to learn swimming better

I learned how to breach under water

I achieved my goal because i can now breach under water better now

Next time I will try learn breach stroke

Integrated learning

WALT: Design and create a piece of furniture for our new classrooms

I learned how to design it well and make cool things for our new classrooms

I achieved my goal because I was doing it well and finished it great

Next time I will try make a bit more like computers on a table